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Hey there

I'm Alyssa
I'm a student about to graduate my two year course of "Video game art and animation"
I like to draw, sing, game and hang out
Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you :)


Fahima exhaled, her eyes shining brightly in the morning sunbeams. As cold as her exterior seemed, It was hard for her to withhold her feelings of excitement as she neared the mountains of Hispera! As a child she had read books about all of Araethen, but nothing captivated her more than the aspect that there was snow atop these peaks. She had not once laid eyes upon the frigid sky sand, and she knew that it would be a sight to behold!

Sadly the main goal of her outing would be dedicated to pure, physical, exertion. Just because she was training to be an exorcist did not mean that she should let her acrobatics fall to the wayside. As a Hare, she naturally possessed very strong legs, which granted her great speed and agility, but her arms were nothing to boast about. Today she made it her mission to try and rely solely on her forelimbs to scale the more vertical areas of the mountains. It was going to be a long few days, but she knew she had to toughen up. She wasn't sitting in the lap of luxury anymore, and she was determined to adapt.

Pulling some cloth from her bag, she began to work it into some supplies she would need to facilitate her climb; unlike Snowshoe Hare Thork, she was not as well equipped for the frigid temperatures, and would need a bit of extra warmth. Ripping a section of the cloth into some small bandages, she proceeded to wrap them around her palms to protect her pads from the sharp rocks. After that she tore the remaining fabric into two pieces; one was used as a makeshift scarf which she wove around her neck and face, leaving only her eyes, nose and ears exposed for defensive purposes. The other she wrapped around her waist.

This left only one thing...

"Fahi, Fahi wait for me!"

Fahima's ears drooped and her expression melted into one of agitation. She had forgotten that the hyper active Avian, Olaf, was tagging along. One would think an Avian would be able to keep up with their powerful wings, but not this one. This one had decided she would like to go branching, all the way through the forest... For fun.

"I have not left yet." Fahima said in a rather dull voice. On any other occasion she probably would have barked at the creature to hurry up, but luckily for her the woods ended here. So she felt it best not to start any sort of conflict. So, opening her pack, she took the time to rummage around the foot of the mountain, collecting small rocks which she then dumped into her bag.

"Fahi, Fahi, I did it! I Branched all the way here! I told you I could..." Her voice trailed off as she spotted the bag full of rocks, and she cocked her head in confusion "why are you filling your bag with rocks?"

Fahima swung the pack up over her shoulders and fastened it tightly around her waist and chest for extra support. "I am not overly weighty, this will make my body more cumbersome, and my training more effective."

"Cumbersome.....? Don't be silly. I think it will just make you more heavy." She chirped gleefully.

Fahima rolled her eyes and smiled weakly; she did not hate the Avian, on the contrary, she considered her a friend. But sometimes she could be a little unbearable with all of her questions and limited vocabulary, especially when Fahima wanted to concentrate all of her mind power on the task at hand. She was beginning to get used to it though; Olaf had shown her unconditional kindness, and she would not betray that bond.

"I am going to begin climbing now. Shall I meet you at that  ledge?" Fahima inquired, pointing straight up to a piece of the mountain that jutted off to the side, forming a flat surface. "I will break there" She added, jumping up and wedging her hand into a crack to use as an anchor.

Olaf smiled her goofy grin, and Fahima watched as she ascended to the meeting spot with  just a few great sweeps of her wings. "No pressure!" She screeched over the edge, as she hung her head over to watch Fahima work. Fahima did indeed feel a little unnerved by the audience but was determined, more so now than ever,  to succeed. And so, with a deep breath, she began to heave herself up the cliffside.  

It proved to be very difficult at first; quite a few times she had to give up and hang for a moment to regain her composure. Olaf offered to come down and get her each time of course, but she wasn't about to throw in the towel on her first day!


About forty minutes passed and she was just a meter or so away from reaching her destination when her arm finally seized and she was rendered unable to continue. "Argh" She grunted as quietly as possible. She did not want Olaf to hear and pull her up when she was so close to reaching her goal! Though try as she might she could not hide the expression of pain on her face.

"Fahi!" Olaf exclaimed worriedly "Please, let me help!"

Fahima was now dangling from the cliffside by one arm "It is okay, I can handle it." It was a ruse of course, there was no way she would be able to pull herself up, her body was beginning to really feel the burn and her limbs were shaking.

"It doesn't look okay!" Olaf continued. Looking a little panicked, she got her feet and began to reach down to Fahima with one of her talons, bracing the edge with the other.

"Don't!" Fahima shouted. "I need to do this by mysel-" Her voice was whipped away from her by the wind as she lost her grip and began to plummet towards the bottom of the mountain.
Death From Above - Chapter ONE
This was going to be one submission but I have a lot of ideas and it's getting late! I'll have to chop it here!

Fahima belongs to me
Olaf belongs to :iconriurekai:
Within seconds Olaf had darted from the cliff-side and was tearing after her falling comrade, wings tucked in close for maximum aerodynamic flight. She didn't have long before Fahima would hit the ground and inevitably suffer some serious damage, if not death. As she pulled in nearer she swung her legs out and grasped her firmly between her taloned feet, being extremely careful not to pierce the flesh in the process. She then placed Fahima gently on the ground and looked her over, eyes wide in shock.

Fahima was very lucky and suffered only minor whip lash from the sudden halt, but was still feeling a little dazed. Everything had happened so fast. Her head was spinning and her arms still ached ferociously. Rolling onto her stomach she managed to get her paws beneath her body and hoist herself up onto her rear with a groan.

"Fahi?... Fahima Are you okay?"

Fahima blinked and Olaf's large eyes slowly came into focus. She was beginning to remember now... She had fallen... She had failed.

"It's okay Fahi!" Olaf chirped happily with a little bit of a bob, seeing that Fahima seemed alright. "You can just try again tomorrow yes? In the meantime why don't we sit and swap stories! It'll be fun and relaxing! You really should rest you know, your arms are probably super sore." Olaf rambled, breaking off a tree branch and laying it down for Fahima to sit on. She then settled down next to it and fluffed up like a cozy bird. "Come sit, come si-"

"Damn it!" Fahima shouted almost as if she didn't know Olaf was there, her voice carrying across the mountain range. Rising shakily to her feet, Fahima turned away from her, teeth clenched and her hands in fists. She had been so close! Since she had come to Oz' Ske, and been granted the opportunity to train as an exorcist, she had been making such good progress! But now she felt like a newborn deer, trying to find its legs. She was finally finding a niche where she belonged and she couldn't even succeed there.

"Fahi-" Olaf cooed, about to try and console her friend. But before the Avian could offer any words of support , Fahima stormed passed her angrily, looking right through her, and without hesitating, wound up her arm and punched the rocky wall with all of her might. She gasped quietly to herself in pain and fell to her knees, forehead resting against the stone face.

"Fahima." Olaf ventured again, slowly approaching the Thork.

"What!?" Fahima swung around in a flurry of anger! Olaf's expression was heart breaking, and Fahima's rugged exterior crumbled in its wake.She instantly regretted all of her actions thus far...

"My apologies... " She  said slowly before turning around, placing her elbows on her knees and cupped her head in her hands. "It is hard for me to accept that things come with time sometimes. I must learn to be more patient. I am just frustrated"

Olaf smiled almost instantaneously at Fahima's apology, and she was about to dash forward and give her a nuzzle but, like a child scolded too many times, she hesitated. It was almost as if she was afraid Fahima would lash out at her once again. Usually she would brush it off without even noticing but a lot had just happened in a short time and the two of them were likely still shaken.

"it is not you. Without you I would be dead. Deceased by my own foolishness." She looked up to face the avian "I do not know why you chose to befriend me. But I ask that you give me another chance...I have no friends here... In fact I have never had any at all..." She smiled momentarily, almost as if she was looking down on her pitiful life accomplishment. Or a lack there of. She stood up, wincing "I cannot promise that I will always be able to keep my composure. But believe me when I say... That I will... That I will always..." She was having a hard time speaking. All of these things were so sentimental. It wasn't something she was used to expressing. "Cherish our meeting..." She added very quickly and quietly, almost to herself.

It didn't matter though because within seconds Olaf had leaped at Fahima and engulfed her in her giant wings. A large toothy grin splayed across her freckled face. Fahima tried to wiggle away at first, hugging wasn't something that she usually did... But she didn't hate it. In the end she returned the embrace and, she too, was smiling.
"Thank you. For saving me Ollie... In more ways than one."



The two of them suddenly froze, and leaned away from each other, eyes wide in surprise.

"What did you just say?" Olaf said mischievously, as if she had just caught someone with their hand in the cookie jar.

"N-nothing!" Fahima broke away from her, and avoided eye contact, surprised by her own words. "I do not know what that was... What was that? Why did I not say your name correctly!?"

"I know what it is~ " Olaf replied scrunching up her nose with a huge grin.

"What!? What was it?!"

"A nickname!"

"What is a nickname!?!?"

"It's when you give someone another name besides their own! Usually a shortened version of their actual name."

"Why does one do this?! It sounds ridiculous!"

"Well~ Most of the time it means you care about someone." Olaf concluded, her chest feathers puffed out in pride. "Like when I call you Fahi, Fahi."

Fahima was clearly at a loss for what do do with herself, and at this point Olaf was on her back chortling and screeching like an owl being tickled to death. This side of Fahima was just too much for her to take in. It was so funny!

Fahima looked from Olaf to herself  "This is not amusing!" She uttered in distress, looking at her hands as if she was infected with some disease. "What is happening to me!? I need to punch that mountain again!"


Both of them stopped what they were doing and scanned their surroundings. Judging by the other's reactions it was clear that neither of them had been the one who spoke. Which meant someone else was out here. Watching.

"Who goes there!?" Fahima called out, her voice bouncing off the cliffs once again, carrying through the mountain range.


"Do not silence me, come out where I can see-" Olaf covered Fahima's mouth with her wing and nodded towards the sky. "Fahi look"

Above them, making huge circles in the sky, was a large bird like creature. The size of which she had never seen before in her life. "What is it?"

"A bone breaker."
Marth - NPC by VampireSelene13
Marth - NPC
Name: Marth
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Personality: Marth is a very gentle and extremely passionate Thork. He knows little of war besides the fact that it causes pain, and spends a lot of time alone, thinking or creating. He's a strong silent type with almost nothing to say unless spoken to, and a mind full of ideas.


Marth was separated from his family, when he was very young, at the edge of the Hispera mountains. He had wandered off on his own and with his size it wasn't a surprise that a passing avian mistook him for prey. Without a trace he was scooped up and taken away.

The avian in question brought him all the way back to their home, in the hopes of feeding her child, before realizing he was indeed a Thork and not one of his snoeshoe hare cousins. It crossed her mind to eat the Thork anyway, having had not much luck on the hunt recently, but her motherly instinct would not allow her to consume another's child. So she mercifully sent him away. She could not bring herself to take his life, nor take in another mouth to feed. But if he fell prey to the elements, then she would take him, and her and her chick would feed.

From that moment on Marth knew only loneliness, but by some sort of miracle he managed to survive. He naturally had a thick winter coat and was built to endure these cold temperatures and lived in caves all over Nipheront, avoiding fierce predators like the Bone Breakers. It wasn't the weather or his foes he feared though... It was the silence of being alone.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: The 100
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Hello hello

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I got a canon camera for christmas, along with a tripod. I couldn't think of what to do with the tripod for the life of me since I'm not much of a photographer. So! I used it to hang my camera over the desk and made my first time lapse video of one of my traditional sketches! 

I had a lot of fun with it so keep an eye out for more in the future! You'll most likely find a link to the time lapse in the description of any new drawings. 


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