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Hey there

I'm Alyssa
I'm a student about to graduate my two year course of "Video game art and animation"
I like to draw, sing, game and hang out
Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you :)


Nameless NPC by VampireSelene13
Nameless NPC
another w.i.p. NPC for Araethen

He's based on a frilled lizard... from Egypt... because why not
Fahima scanned her surroundings and double checked her map. In time she would like to memorize the land of Araethen, or at least the majority of it. She had been able to pick out a few landmarks and, from what she could tell, she was about half way back to Oz'Ske.  Her time in Kareesh had been short but definitely not easy, even after a good night's sleep she was feeling achy and bruised. All she wanted was to return home safely to her bed.

Lifting her arms high over her head, she stretched luxuriously in the sunlight before bending down and dipping her paws into the lake. Cupping them she made a makeshift bowl and guzzled its contents eagerly, then proceeded to pour some over her head and ears. She had gotten used to living in the shade of the trees so the sun beating down on her back was not as welcome as it once was. Especially during travel.

Dunking her canteen in the body of water, she readied her things and slung her pack back over her shoulder. If she left now she would be able to make it back in good time, especially once she entered the shadowy forests. She took one last glance around to make sure she had taken it all in... But this time she spotted something she hadn't noticed before. It looked almost as if a cloud had fallen from the sky.

Scratching the back of her head in confusion she made her way over to it curiously. As she drew nearer it became apparent that it was definitely not a cloud. It seemed to have two eyes! And what she assumed to be its sides, were rising and falling as if it were breathing as well. Though it seemed very weak. From her former position it would have been impossible to tell it was alive at all, and without help it evidently wouldn't be living much longer.

She was about to scoop it up when she noticed there seemed to be some sort of irritation down the length of its back! From what was left, she gathered that someone had, plucked and hacked off some feathers... Her ears drooped and she looked it over once more before cradling it in her arms. She made up her mind! She would take it back with her and make sure it got the medical attention it needed. Who would do such a thing?


She spun around at the speed of light and her ears shot up, swiveling to catch any disturbances she could. Perhaps the one who had done this was coming back to collect its prey. Hurriedly, but gently, she began to coil the little thing to make it more compact. She would just hide it in her bag for now, until she knew what was going on. But as she did so its eyes snapped open and it wriggled in her grasp. Having not expected the outburst, she lost hold of it and it floated a few feet, very clumsily, until crashing into the ground again with a very soft thump.

She leaped over to it almost as if she were an actual rabbit "It is okay, it is okay" She whispered hurriedly "I am trying to help you. Please come with me, your life may depend on it!"

"I think I hear sumthin' over here!" Whoever it was was getting too close for comfort, so without waiting for the creatures consent, Fahima picked it up again. Though it seemed she was having little success with animals lately, because it simply slipped out of her paws once more and slank around her back.

"Hey! You!" Came an angry voice from the other side of the lake. Fahima's head spun around and saw two men mking their way around the edge of the body of water.

She had thought about sprinting away, she could have easily outrun them, but how long would that last? They appeared to be some sort of hunters or fur traders or something. They were probably skilled in tracking and she wouldn't want to lead them home with her. It would be best to deal with the matter right then and there.

"You see a Lambrey around here long-ears?" One of them said with a bit of a snarl. "Tha's our kill, you best not be hindin it."

Fahima could feel her skin burning beneath her fur at their name calling and lack of manners. They didn't know her. She had fire in her eyes and her tongue pressed up against her long teeth but she held herself back. There was no need to make this more complicated than it had to be. The most important thing here was to get, what the man had called, Lambrey, out of here.

"That's one large cotton tail, cotton-tail." The other man said as he circled Fahima, a machete in his hand. Fahima looked over her shoulder to see that the little creature had wound itself around her tail. It was actually quite the clever camouflage.

"Excuse me, sirs, but I am unsure as to why you would believe talking down to me, as a lesser life form, would encourage me to aid you in your quest." She raised an eyebrow and followed them with her eyes as they continued to circle her like vultures. "I was simply here refilling my canteen. Do you have a reason to believe that I would have stolen your... What did you call it? Lambrey?"

"No need to get all prissy missy. That creature's worth a lot o' money to us. If you don' 'ave it then we'll leave you be."

"Why does a creature such as this Lambrey you speak of fetch such a high price?" She inquired.

"Them's very rare. Meat's considered a delicacy and we'll sheer it down and sell the wool for a pretty penny as well." He recieved a quick blow to the ribs from his buddy. "Don't be tellin' too much!"

"I see" Fahima said finally. She could feel the little guy shaking on her tail. "Well goodluck with your quest for riches then, you greedy little beasts... I mean... You lovely people!"

"You's lucky you ain't one o' your little rodent cousins. That tongue o' yer's will getchu good n' dead someday" The two men gave her one last look of displeasure before heading off to continue their search. She caught sight of a snare hanging out of the little man's back pocket. She placed a paw around her neck, thinking about how it would feel to die by strangulation... Not pleasant.
Fahima Icon 02
Blew up the original sprite so it's easier to see! I prefer this one. May do some more tweaking in the future

I’ve been taking part in a fantasy-like “role playing” group called “Araethen”. Now I use quotations for the word role play because I find it can turn some people off. If writing isn't your thing but character creation is, then you’re in the right place, because Araethen is not based on text.

You start off by making your character and picking a job, then after that you accept monthly missions to which you can choose to write OR… Draw your response. In exchange for this you gain points and gold in order to make your character grow and rank up. You can also gain points on your own time, every time you submit a picture to the group gallery.

Don’t have enough time you say? That’s totally fine, because you can do EVERYTHING on your own time. Keep in mind that the creators also have a life. So to finish a mission piece you are given ONE WHOLE MONTH! Got too much time on your hands? That’s fine! In the meantime you can create an NPC, beast or plant life to help the world grow!

Oh? Did I not mention who runs this page? None only than the artist behind"Ask The Duskbat Crew" tumblr page! And she’s wonderfully sweet and helpful.

It would be nice to see more people taking part in this group, especially on the english speaking side of things, for it is a bilingual site of spanish and english speakers.

All in all it is great fun and I would love to see you there!

If you would like to check it out please go here:

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